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Where To Find Us

Visit one of our convenient Toronto locations, and see how premium and comfortable going to the dentist can be.


We use digital x-rays, which give off less radiation, we never use mercury fillings, and we’re totally paperless. Trees (and patients) love us!


All of our locations have hotel and spa inspired amenities, because we believe it’s important you are treated beyond well.


We offer a unique dental experience that is unlike any other. We call it Next Generation Dentistry. It’s a high-tech, safer, more affordable, more patient focused experience.


Our offices are located across three main areas of downtown Toronto, with easy access to transit and convenient evening and weekend hours.

Our 55 Yonge St. Office – Wellington/Yonge

55 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON
M5E 1J3

Monday – Friday: 10am – 7pm
Saturday: 9am – 3pm
Sunday: Closed

Phone number: 
(647) 352-5501

Our Bay Office – Bay/Wellesley

1006 Bay Street
Toronto, ON
M5S 3A8

Monday – Friday: 10am – 7pm
Saturday: 10am – 3pm
Sunday: Closed

Phone number:
(647) 360-9651

Our Bloor Street West Office – Bloor/Bathurst

562 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON
M5G 1K1

Monday: 9am – 7pm
Tuesday: 10am – 7pm
Wednesday: 9am – 7pm
Thursday: 10am – 7pm
Friday: 10am – 7pm
Saturday: 9am – 3pm
Sunday: Closed

Phone number:
(647) 493-1686

Our 415 Yonge Office – Yonge/Gerrard

415 Yonge St, Unit 101
Toronto, ON
M5B 2E7

Monday – Friday: 10am – 7pm
Saturday: 10am – 3pm
Sunday: Closed

Phone number:
(647) 361-1584

Our King Street West Office – King/Bathurst

679 King Street West
Toronto, ON
M5V 1M9

Monday – Friday: 10am – 7pm
Saturday: By Appointment
Sunday: Closed

Phone number:
(647) 560-2126

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What do our patients think about their treatment?
It was a very good experience! Rana - my dental hygienist was very warm and is always helpful and suggests ways to improve my dental hygiene! The clinic also has great service! Very impressed overall
Sarah K.
I've been going to this clinic for a couple yearly clean ups. I would highly recommend! The staff is very helpful and polite. As a newcomer to Canada, I had a few doubts about how public and private healthcare relates to dental care. The girl at the desk was patient and able to clear up all of them!
Quacky A.
The staff are always very kind, both new and old staff members. Getting teeth cleaned and checked up on image always been a breeze. Would highly recommend!
Nicholas S.
I would strongly recommend Dr. Mariam. I had been going there for more than a year and I had experienced a few different dentists, she makes a huge difference.
Otto S.
Awesome customer service, I appreciated the staff and their willingness to listen. I went for an Invisalign treatment and found prices more affordable than most other places. I would recommend for Invisalign.
Rana did wonderful job in cleaning and really took care of me well. I recommend you to do some teeth cleaning or other things here. They will help you to have a beautiful smile.
Extremely friendly service every step of the way! I haven’t visited this office since the new team took over, and I was pleasantly surprised by how lovely and helpful the entire team was.
Lynn F.
Wonderful experience at City Dental. Great use of technology and the tv screens to provide feedback on how your teeth are doing. They also provide great suggestions and advice to keep teeth at their best shape.
Carlos El Chami (.
I've had my invisalign, teeth cleaning and dental fillings done here in the past year. Each visit has been efficient, thoroughly explained and did not give me any anxiety!Just wanted to shout out to Dr. Frank and the hygienist for doing such a great job with my fillings the other day. I was... experiencing teeth sensitivity on one of my molars. Although that tooth was not scheduled for a filling, they were very accommodating and took the time to troubleshoot the issue and get that tooth filled. I had concerns of teeth sensitivity from a previous filling and had avoided eating cold food/drinks for a few months, but Dr. Frank assured me that it would not happen this time. He's super professional and that was definitely the last painful filling procedure I've ever had. Thank you so much!read more
Jenelle L.
Amazing experience as always at this clinic! Went there for a standard cleaning and Rana took care of me. She was great, lovely and very knowledgeable. 10/10 would recommend.
Philippe M.
I am always so pleased by their courteous staff. I wanted to thank each one of your staff members Sarah,Jess and Burhan and everyone who work at the front desk. All I can say is WOW – what a comfortable environment with such attentive people! Truly an excellent experience, thanks to them!!Also I... am completely taken aback by the level of professionalism you exhibit, Dr. Frank ,WES and Sarah I feel well cared for every time I come in, which is why I would never go anywhere else! Thank you so much for your continued excellence.read more
Biraj S.
My first visit to City Dental surpassed all expectations. Dr. Frank took the time to explain every step of the procedure thoroughly, making sure I understood what was going on. Everyone was super friendly and created a comfortable dental experience for me - I would highly recommend.
Nabilah Abu B.
Excellent facility, care, and customer service. My hygienist Nadine has been following me for years and has taken the time to get to know me well. She’s very patient and knowledgeable and does such a great job.Love that they have TVs on the ceiling / wall where you can play whatever you want on... Netflix. They’ve thought of everything!read more
Sara G.
I’ve been coming to City Dental since 2018. The whole team is super nice and welcoming. I really appreciate that they take the time to answer my questions. They have made me feel safe and encouraged me to invest on my dental hygiene. Thank you guys!Shout out to Rana who was so sweet and kind on my... latest appointment. Hope you get to try that new restaurant we talked about!read more
Pamela E.
This is the nicest dental clinic ever. They’re kind, warm, and really care about giving you a good experience. Sarah called me before my extraction and was so reassuring. Dr Wes who did my extraction explained every step so thoroughly and never shamed me for being anxious. Dr Sarah who did my... fillings was very helpful and warm as well! Highly recommend!read more
Samiha S.
It was a great experience with Rana. She made sure that I feel comfortable and satisfied. She explained really well. Wishing to have next sessions with her again.
Andrea D.
Rana is very knowledgeable, pays attention to every detail and cares a lot about every service she gives. She made sure I understood everything she was doing and if I was comfortable during my appointment.
Arissay R.
Been a customer/ patient for more than 2 years here. Really good service from all staff, medical explanations are clear and concise and I’ll continue to return
I recently had the privilege of receiving emergency dental care from Dr. Frank, and I cannot express enough how impressed I am with the level of care and professionalism I experienced. From the moment I reached out to his clinic, Dr. Poppolo and his team went above and beyond to ensure my comfort... and safety during this challenging time.First and foremost, I must commend Dr. Poppolo for his considerate approach to scheduling. Despite the urgency of my situation, he made sure to accommodate me promptly, understanding the importance of timely care in emergency situations. His willingness to prioritize my needs and promptly arrange an appointment put my mind at ease.Upon arriving at Dr. Poppolo's practice, I was immediately struck by the impeccable cleanliness and hygienic standards maintained throughout the clinic. It was evident that hygiene and patient safety were of utmost importance to Dr. Poppolo and his team. The sterilized environment, well-maintained equipment, and adherence to strict infection control protocols further reinforced my confidence in their ability to provide exceptional care.Dr. Poppolo's genuine concern for my well-being was evident in the way he engaged with me during the appointment. He took the time to listen attentively to my concerns, asking insightful questions to fully understand my situation. His empathetic and compassionate approach helped alleviate my anxiety and allowed me to express any apprehensions I had.What truly set Dr. Poppolo apart was his unwavering commitment to addressing my safety concerns. He carefully explained the procedures and precautionary measures he would take to ensure a safe and comfortable experience. Dr. Poppolo's dedication to implementing advanced safety protocols, such as using personal protective equipment and maintaining proper ventilation, instilled in me a sense of trust and confidence in his abilities.Throughout the treatment, Dr. Poppolo's expertise and attention to detail were evident. He skillfully performed the necessary procedures, explaining each step along the way to keep me informed and involved in my own care. His gentle and precise touch, combined with his extensive knowledge, reassured me that I was in capable hands.In conclusion, I cannot recommend Dr. Frank Poppolo enough for his exceptional emergency dental care. From his considerate scheduling to his immaculate hygienic practices, Dr. Poppolo demonstrates a true commitment to patient well-being. His ability to make patients feel comfortable and safe, combined with his professionalism and expertise, is a testament to his outstanding dental practice.If you are seeking a dentist who genuinely cares about your oral health and provides exemplary emergency dental care, look no further than Dr. Frank Poppolo. I am grateful for his exceptional service and will undoubtedly return to his clinic for all my future dental needs.read more
Izzy S.
City Dental on Bay is a great office for all your dental care. My recent dental appointment was the first time visiting this location and I was extremely pleased with the service I received. The staff were polite and very professional. The dental hygienist that tended to me her name was Rana. She... was an absolute joy to interact with and she's excellent at what she does. I would definitely recommend this office if anyone is looking for dentist / dental care.read more
Marlene M.
I recently had a wisdom teeth removal surgery with Dr. Wes and the experience was phenomenal. I had 4 teeth that needs to be removed from the examination, and Dr. Wes was extremely patient in explaining my situation with me, walking me through different anesthesia options and their pros and cons.... The actual surgery was mostly pain-free thanks to Dr. Wes’ excellent skills, mostly it was pressure and he upped my anesthesia when I signalled discomfort. There was a lot of talking and explaining during the surgery to keep me relaxed and updated on the progress. My one-week follow-up was also a quickie as the wound mostly recovered and remaining stitches can be removed.Overall, I would absolutely recommend doing wisdom teeth removal with Dr. Wes who’s very professional and excellent at the operation.read more
Judy X.
If you’re wondering where to get one of the best dental care, it’s definitely here. Dr. Saarah Amuthan took care of my teeth and was there throughout my journey of getting a crown. She told me of what the next steps were, ensuring that I understood the rationale behind them. This really helped ease... my worries. So if you’re the type to be worried about your dental appointments, I think you’ll be happy with the level of care here as the dentists, nurses, hygienists and receptionists (shout out to Jess!) are very patient, understanding and capable.read more
Alexandria Jasmin A.
Dr. Frank Poppolo has been my dentist for a few years now, he takes client care and service to a new level. You can tell he genuinely cares about his patients and the quality of his work matches the exceptional client experience. The rest of his staff match his energy and I’ve recommended him to a... number of my family and friends as the best dentist in the city.read more
Adrian A.
Dr. Wes has been a fantastic dentist for me. Beyond being friendly and relaxing to be around, he's thorough and extra considerate towards my comfort. If you're looking for a dentist in the city, consider going to this office. The staff are friendly and I haven't had any issues making appointments,... even on short notice.read more
Gregory L.
This is so far the friendliest dental clinic I have ever been to in Toronto! They make you feel so welcome & comfortable. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Gupta and she explained everything to me, I was lucky enough to have her do my cleaning as well & she was very gentle. I highly recommend this... clinic to anyone looking for a new dental clinic!read more
I recently moved from Montreal and was searching for a dentist close to my house. Looking at the reviews, I had to decide between two dental offices and I went with this one, and I am so glad I did.Everything was so smooth from booking my appointment, to the cleaning and the checkout. I was... almost 20 minutes late due to the issues with TTC, and Abah were super nice about it. Didn’t even question why I was late. Waited less than a minute when I was greeted by the hygienist, Sarah. She was very nice and kept me informed the entire time of what she was doing.The checkout was also very smooth. An estimate was already claimed from my insurance and I was out in 5 minute. Would definitely recommend them.read more
Saad S.
Today I got my wisdom teeth removed and I am an absolute p*ssy, and the supported me and didn’t make me feel judged or embarrassed. Even had the assistant hold my hand. And even told me I did a amazing job even though I started crying 😂😂😂It was so fast and they were... absolutely amazing. Best dentist everread more
Callie L.
Had a really great visit today - the hygienist, dentist, and office manager all went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable, understood what was needed, and had as good a time as a person can have at the dentist.
Kelly B.
My lower teeth shifted after removing wisdom teeth 3 years ago and I noticed getting spaces in the front teeth. I am not a fan of metal braces, so many limitations on what you can eat, and 2 years of my life wearing them sounds like a prison. I decided to go for Invisalign aligners and so satisfied... with my results after 9 months in treatment. My treatment doctor went beyond, and above to make sure I get the right results. Happy to have my beautiful smile and impressed on how fast and affordable the treatment turned out. Strongly recommend to do their initial appointment with the teeth scan they offer. I’m very satisfied and will recommend to my friends and family.read more
Treasure F.
Excellent hygienists and Dentist! I’ve been coming here for almost two years and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Friendly staff, through cleaning and great guidance on other dental procedures.
Levana M.
I so appreciate the care I receive at City Dental on Bloor, as well as how upfront they are about costs. They always work with me on my insurance coverage to prioritize what needs to be worked on, and to treat me like a patient whose oral health they are truly invested in.
Orpah C.
I just finished my Invisalign treatment recently and I‘ve had a very good experience with them so far. The main reason is because they tried their best to get the best outcome for me, unlike other places may just want to finish the treatment as soon as possible. My treatment ended up taking longer... than expected as there was a tooth that could be shifted better and I really didn’t mind that. So they recommended me to keep trying for the best result and I really appreciated that. Totally recommend for Invisalign!read more
Thuy L.
Absolutely love the service at this City Dental location. The entire staff is friendly, fun, and they even let you watch shows of your choosing during cleanings.Even though I have since moved from the area, I still make the commute over because I'd rather take the time to do so than lose an... atmosphere that truly makes me feel cared for as a patient.read more
Nathan W.
Friendly service.Had a complete checkup and cleaning and everyone was very professional. They were telling me all the steps and things that had to be done and with complete transparency.I had a good experience!
Will J.
Went for an exam and a cleaning and overall an amazing experience. I usually hate going to the dentist but the staff here is amazing. The front desk Jessica and Burhan are very welcoming and friendly. Dr Dempsey and Maribeth were very professional and made sure to address all of my questions and... concerns. Definitely coming back for any other work that I need. 10/10read more
Katerina L.
All I can is that every time I have come into this clinic, I have been treated with upmost care between Neha and Dr. Patodia. I always admire when a team works well together and you see that here. I have never been one to like dentists, but here I genuinely feel open to coming and taking good care... of my teeth!read more
V S.
The staff are so kind knowledgeable! Mohan at the front desk especially has gone above and beyond to make my experience seamless!! He is so considerate of patient’s time when scheduling and always makes an effort to make you feel taken care of. Thank you Mohan (and everyone else on the team)!
Bronia M.
Staff are very friendly and accommodating! They also take time to explain everything clearly and offer great tips for maintenance between appointments.
Julia W.
Had a lovely experience with Invisalign here, they were professional and friendly. I am very happy with the results. Would recommend to anyone looking into getting Invisalign.
Wendi M.
I’ve been coming to City Dental on Bay for 2 years and have always had positive experiences. Dr Omera, Jane and the team does such an amazing job . Dr Omera personality and energy made my surgery appointment enjoyable! I highly recommend booking an appointment at this location!
dele A.
Great staff, everyone is nice. Knowledgeable and I feel well treated after I visit. Would highly recommend. Also great spot to do some downtown shopping or go for a coffee afterwards.
katelyn M.
The best dental care I have ever experienced! Professional, courteous, and friendly staff made me feel like family. Jane and Michelle big thanks . Sarah I can’t thank you enough for your warm, friendly , professional assistance , the follow up and most importantly always with a smile.Dr. Omera... you are an incredible surgeon but also a caring person. It’s rare to find a doctor that go beyond and above to ensure that his patients are treated like family members. hats off.read more
Maha D.
The most thorough and gentle dental appointment I've ever had. I appreciated that they gave me a variety of options for further treatment with a detailed explanation of each - it gave me a level of control and decision making over my dental health rather than being pressured into something. Bonus:... the receptionist is an absolute delight and incredibly helpful. I cannot recommend enough if you're looking for a new dentist!read more
Arianne Z.
I love the team at City Dental Bloor West! I’ve been coming here for 3 years. Sarah is a fantastic dental hygienist and Dr. Iman is a lovely, caring dentist. Highly recommend!
Brendan B.
City Dental on Bloor has the friendliest staff. They are so kind and knowledgeable, and very thorough in their exams and cleaning! I never thought I'd say it was a pleasure to go to the dentist, but that's what it is with this practice :)
Madelaine P.
Amazing knowledgeable caring staff, courteous, friendly, take cleanliness and the pandemic seriously for my safety and theirs. Always address my concerns and remember that I hate cherry polish and liquid fluoride. They are wonderful.
Gaby G.
The Bay location facility and the team members that I have had Interaction with were all amazing. Dr. Gill has always provided me great customer satisfaction, great listener and awesome problem solver.
Gaby G.
Dr. Gill was such a blessing. I had throbbing pain in my gums making it difficult to eat, and called up the clinic for an appointment. They accommodated me inspite of it being pretty last minute. All the details were explained so patiently and in such easy to understand ways. Glad I stumbled across... this clinic.read more
I have been here 3 times and always had a really great experience! All the dentists and oral hygienists are really kind and gentle and walk you through the whole process! Great for someone who is a little bit put off by going to the dentist!
Megan D.
Just got my teeth cleaned, my dental hygienist Wenli was great, did a thorough job on my teeth. Have a bit of pain on one of my molar, had the doctor check it out but it was my own fault for not using my night guard as much as I should. Will make an effort to use my night guard more... 😅😅read more
Maria C.
Have had a great experience, the team is responsive and super nice, and Sarah the hygienist is so gentle and patient with explaining everything she does and answering questions. I normally hate going to the dentist but they make it pretty painless :)
Caitlin R.
I have been a patient now for over 3 years, and I can say that I am very impressed with their service, punctuality and outstanding staff. Dr Vu is a knowledgeable and super friendly dentist who puts you at ease by explaining the current situation of your teeth as well as any other follow ups needed... patiently and going the extra mile to ensure that her referrals are promptly attended to by following up for you personally, which is much appreciated.Sarah, the dental hygienist as well as the other hygienists are great at what they do and are proficient in thoroughly explaining the next steps :) Overall the staff is amazing with the reception always prompt to take and answer calls as well as send text reminders & follow up with insurance as needed to avoid any hassles!This is one of the best experiences I have had with a Toronto health care practise, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an expert yet super friendly bunch of people who are willing to give you the time to treat you and answer your questions!Highly recommend to anyone looking for a great place to get their teeth checked up in :)read more
Ishu G.
Great experience! Front desk staff is welcoming and helpful.I had cleaning and a few fillings done recently. I extremely recommend Dr. Patodia - very professional and attentive! Overall I’m very satisfied with the services received.
Oleksandr S.
I got my Invisalign from the studio. They are very professional and very thorough. All the appointments were always on time. Loved working with Michele on this. My teeth has had unbelievable transformation.Highly recommend this place
Arun B.
Fantastic care, efficient and flexible staff. I worked with Dr Omera (periodontist) and his team, and appreciated their attention to detail, close follow up, and overall care! Would definitely recommend.
Brandon T.
First dentist appointment in Canada: absolutely great! The dentist and her assistant were very kind and friendly, explained everything in a very clear manner and made sure no questions were left unanswered, and also made sure I was comfortable. Left my appointment with a (clean!) smile!
Timothy P.
This place is fantastic! The staff are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. The hygienists provide thorough cleanings and take the time to explain everything to you. I had a great experience with Natasha during my cleaning. The booking and billing process is also seamless and comfortable. I... highly recommend this place!read more
Jay L.
Dr. Nanda and all the staff members that I interacted with were very friendly and positive. Not to mentioned that the went above and beyond providing me advice on how to take care of my dental health on my own. I would recommend it to others 100%
City Dental is a great office for all your dental care, especially the location at 415 Yonge Street. The receptionists are always pleasant and courteous, the dentist and care team are always extremely caring. I'm always pleased with my visits and dental care.
Marlene M.
I have had the best experience with the entire team at city dental. Dr Patodia is excellent, she was very kind and very good results with his treatments. I absolutely recommend them
Ignacio O.
I had a wisdom tooth which was causing issues removed. Within 1 week of going in I had 3 separate visits; the checkup, xray and then finally the extraction. Fast cheap and relatively painless. Would recommend to a friend to visit this dentist
Briany D.
The best dentist ever. Everybody is welcoming, helpful, friendly and they really care about their patients. The results are amazing! Highly recommend!
María Mercedes H.
Sarah has been my hygienist for years now. She makes me feel comfortable and always explains what is going on with my teeth. The explanations are super thorough and I always appreciate the advice so that my teeth can continue to be healthy! She is super personable and an expert!
Very friendly staff, with my doctor Dr. Patodia, Nadine and Neha. Great Customer Service😊Happy Holidays to your team. All the Best in the New Year.
Paz E.
I have been to many different dentist and I must say City Dental is my absolute favourite.You can book appts through sms or call. They send you reminders of your appt through sms and email also which is really helpful.Teeth cleaning is quick and comfortable. I would 100% recommend
Tim Ji Jong H.
I came here for an appointment a while back and actually booked it on my birthday. I had the best greetings once I walked into the clinic and kind birthday wishes from all the employees. They even gave me a sephora gift card to celebrate. Overall this place goes above and beyond most dental clinics... I've been to. I moved away from the area but still book appointments here and it's great even if it's not your birthday I promise!read more
Nigeleen N
I have been coming here for a few years and have always felt the service is exceptional. I appreciate how seamless they make what is typically a very stressful procedure and manage it with professionalism and reassurance.Nela at the front desk is incredibly kind and accommodating, always helping... to find convenient appointments. Her patience has been incredibly welcoming to me and because of her taking such care of her patients, I have brought my family to this location.Today I was treated by Dr. Patodia, who answered all of my questions thoroughly. It is very helpful given my worries about my dental health, and her taking the time in an open manner was vital to my positive experience.Thank you to Nadine the hygienist who was so nice and understanding despite the hassles I brought being delayed in transit!read more
David Ooi P.
I have been recently coming to City Dental for my treatment. I like the ambience & the staff is very kind & helpful. Dr.Patodia is very informative and light with hands. My hygiene appointment was handled with care making sure that I don’t feel uncomfortable. I would recommend this clinic to my... friends & family for sure.read more
Divya B.
Love coming here! My appointment was very efficient and my hygienist was amazing. She was very kind and was very mindful of my extremely sensitive teeth. I’d recommend this clinic to anyone!
All the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, starting from the receptionist who greets you with a big warm smile then the hygienist is kind and makes you feel at ease at all times, she is awesome at what she does also the dentist and her assistant are nice and very professional overall I had... an exceptional experience at City Dental!read more
Shiomara O.
Lovely service every time! Have been going to City Dental for a couple years now and have had a great experience - even a super smooth wisdom teeth extraction.
Guadalupe K.
Super friendly staff. Really professional hygienist and dentist who was able to put me at ease. At no point was I in any discomfort. They are really communicative and friendly. Highly recommend this clinic.
Cheng X.
Dr Dale Nixon and staff were very professional, caring and attentive. This was the best dental examination I have had, Dr Dale explained everything very clearly and answered all of my questions. The hygienist Nadine was very gentle as well. Will definitely recommend this practice to anyone looking... for a healthy smile .read more
Sar A.
Be careful going to this place. I booked a cleaning appt for August (this month) back in January 2022. No one told me that my appt was for xrays and an exam on top of my cleaning. I didn't know until I got there. I didn't have time to do all of it so I had to come back another time to do the... cleaning. I asked why I needed to do xrays in the first place and they just said my other ones were outdated. The dentist didn't even tell me anything about my xrays and how they were after doing them. I still question why I even needed the xrays in the first place. It took up almost half of my insurance coverage just for that appointment and I didn't get anything out of it. After my last cleaning with them in 6 months (and before my next insurance benefit year) I will definitely be going to another dentist.Update: talked to Sarah from the dental office. She offered some solutions to make my experience better. Updated from 2 stars to 4 because solutions sound promising. Will not give 5 until I actually have a good experience with a dentist there. I will find out next month.Update: met with another dentist to go over my xray results and the couple of procedures that the previous dentist said I needed. I had a much better experience with Dr. Wong. She explained to me that the 2 procedures that were said to be needed by the other doctor weren't actually necessary and that she would continue to monitor. Much much better experience.read more
Edelyn T.
I've been with City Dental for 5+ years. The staff at this location are friendly and helpful. They always take good care of me and explain all the procedures in detail before they happen. Also - they take care of the insurance claim process which has always been extremely smooth. Big thank you to... the team at City Dental King West + Dr. Gill!read more
Michelle P.
I can't recommend this clinic enough! Neha, the front desk receptionist, is so friendly and organised. Dr. Nixon is knowledgeable and welcoming – I 100% trust him with my dental health. Nadine, the hygienist, is so thorough with the cleaning and always makes sure I’m comfortable at every point.... Just recently, I had a filling done by Dr. Patodia and Kayode and I was impressed by their teamwork and how efficient they were. I admit that I wasn’t the best at regularly going to the dentist growing up, but I’m lucky enough to finally have found a clinic that really does put you at ease and does the job properly!read more
Alexandria Jasmin A.
City Dental King WestIt is my first time in this dental office. I saw the Hygienist, Sohee, on my first visit. She is very genital and patient and takes her work seriously with a high-quality standard. She did a fantastic job! I highly recommend her. Thank you!I saw Dr. Nanda and Michelle for... fillings and crowns. I had a very positive experience. Dr. Nanda is sincere, extremely warm, and personable. She showed me pictures of my teeth and x-rays with the explanation. She made me comfortable, ensured that I understood the procedures each time, and answered all my questions. The communication from her to the patient is excellent, and I never feel rushed during the procedures. I am incredibly confident in her competency level and would highly recommend her. Thank you, DREAM TEAM!Dr. Zhao removed my wisdom teeth. He is very experienced and pulled my wisdom teeth in a second. I was amazed. He is very skilled. Thank you so much, Dr. Zhao!The whole team, overall, is very welcoming.Thank you all!read more
I highly recommend City Dental King West - the staff are very friendly, efficient and knowledgable. They made sure to communicate every step with me and explain what and why procedures were or weren't necessary. I was very happy with the experience.
Emily M
The whole team at City Dental King West is wonderful! The staff in the front are always very welcoming and friendly, and can easily be reached by phone or email. And the hygienist that I see is very gentle and always ensures my visit is as comfortable as possible.
Erika R.
No one really enjoys going to the dentist but City Dental on Yonge makes the experience comfortable! The staff are wonderful and the hygienist is efficient, professional and easy to talk to about dental concerns. I always feel informed and in control of my dental health thanks to the support of the... team at City Dental on Yonge.read more
All the doctors are kind and great. They take care of what I needs and arrange the best plan for me! I also recommend my friend doing Invisalign here!
Lorina L.
I've been going to City Dental for 4 years and have been very satisfied with the service and staff. Very professional and polite, and effective in treatment.
Keshav M.
Great experience at City Dental on Yonge. Nadine is a great hygienist and I look forward to my cleanings each time. Dr. Wes is kind and informative about treatment. My anxiety was put at ease instantly when he explained the procedure. Happy to find an office that cares for their patients.
Laura L.
Dr. Bijlani is great and puts the client first. She works with you to make sure your comfort levels are met, and always makes sure that you are fully informed of what is going on.
Olivia P.
Honestly, the clinic is extra fresh and clean. So accommodating and flexible. Staff are friendly and the doctor is so professional. Would definitely recommend it
Miral B.
I’ve been a patient at city dental for years! I’ve undergone lots of different procedures from regular teeth cleanings to having fillings replaced… the entire staff at city dental is fantastic and I always had a great experience. Everyone is super friendly and welcoming! I lost my fear of going to... the dentist completely and my teeth never looked or felt better!!! If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while or are considering a new dentistry go to city dental and you’ll find a judgment free environment and you’ll love to come back!!!read more
Jurgen M.
Dr. Dale Nixon is very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. He really took time to understand my dental history, compare past x-rays to see how my issues progressed over time, go into detail to answer all my questions (which I had a lot) patiently, and ultimately gave non-aggressive treatment... plans. I usually get panicked and intimidated seeing a dentist but didn’t feel rushed or pushed by him at all, best experience I have had.read more
Jingjing H.
The team is really great!!!!Who like to go to the dentist? I don't like it! But i actually had a good time this time with Johanne. Since I go there my gum is getting better and better, means that cleaning is less painful compared to what it was before. So def I don't like cleaning, but my... hygienist made my experience smoother.read more
I’ve continuously had great experiences at the office. The team is professional and punctual. Dr. Nixon was thorough and kind, and provided the best care I’ve had.
Elizabeth M
Upon my arrival I was greeted very politely and I barely had to wait. The place is very clean and not crowded at all. I was a bit nervous since it was the first time I was getting dental fillings. During the proceeding, the team was checking on me all the time to make sure I was comfortable, and... they explained to me every step. This was very helpful to calm my nerves. I barely felt any discomfort during the session. Overall, I had an amazing experience. City Dental on Yonge is excellent!read more
Jacobo F.
Dr jalil momen is well experienced dentist I have ever seen in London uk and Toronto Canada .Updated equipment with today tech and caring people on yonge and finch office
Hamid J.
Can't praise them highly enough! The whole team, from dentists to hygienists to assistants to admin, were friendly and thorough, and made my visit as easy as possible. Gave a very in-depth review afterwards that made it easy to understand my dental health and next steps. Lovely office and exam... rooms. Billed direct to my insurance and helped me fit my appointments into my specific coverage. Happy to have found my family dentist!read more
Darren B.
Had a root canal crown replacement and annual clean up at this location. The staff and the doctors are very friendly. Very clean facility which is comforting especially during the pandemic. Did not have to wait a lot before my appointments and the waiting area is not crowded. Recommend this place.
Shruti M.
Great practice! My dentist gives me a slideshow of my teeth after each checkup and walks through everything that she’s seeing. Super fun and personal!
Quinn M.
I am over half way through my treatment from the team at this location. I have had a really wonderful experience and am thrilled with the results so far. The team are very friendly and welcoming. They listened to all of my questions and concerns and were very flexible and accommodating when I... needed it. On top of all that they had very competitive pricing!- Definitely recommend.read more
Hannah H
I had an exceptional experience being a patient at this location. I went in exploring Invisalign and came out a sold customer. Everything was well communicated to me and I was prepared and supported every step of the way. I appreciated the way the clinic handled all Covid precautions and measures.... I recently finished my course of Invisalign and I’m incredibly happy with my results, as well as how flexible and accommodating they were. All of my concerns and questions were answered and validated. I would 10/10 times recommended visiting the team here! Thank you again!read more
Meghan S.
I have been going here for years and am always treated so well. Everyone, from the front desk staff to the hygienists to the dentist are so friendly and kind and make a big effort to ensure I'm comfortable with all aspects of my visit. The facility is clean and they have TVs on the wall and ceiling... in all exam rooms so you can watch netflix during your cleaning - I don't know why they don't do this everywhere it's genius. They provide great education and don't push unnecessary treatments. Can't say enough good things!read more
Sara G.
I was going to City Dental on King West in a fairly regularly basis for general cleanings and other dental upkeep since I’ve been living in Toronto for the past 2 year (2020-2021). The front desk is immensely personable and pleasant to be around, and so has every single dental hygienist and Dentist... that has worked on my mouth. I’ll definitely miss coming here, but I’m moving outside of Ontario which is the only reason I’ll be seeking dental care elsewhere.I would highly recommend this Dental practice 10/10 👍🏽⭐️read more
Ty T.
Took my 11 month old daughter to her very first dentist visit. Dr. Wong is absolutely amazing with babies and made her first experience very positive. When we arrived the front desk staff are very welcoming and when we were brought into the exam room they already had cocomelon playing on the tv so... my daughter was instantly smiling and laughing. Great place to come to if you have kids.read more
Janet W.
Everyone is so friendly, checking in and out is always seamless. They always explain everything to me prior and during, clean environment. Since WFH now there are closer dental clinics but I still travel to come here for their excellent service and professionalism. Love their ceiling and front TV... screens with TVs shows playing, helps the time past the time!read more
The front desk staff is really nice and efficient, I felt welcome which is pretty rare in healthcare. The assistants too, and on top of that, the dentist was really great an listening. I was given a whole presentation of my teeth with many photos on all angles + x-rays and explanations. I literally... left with a smile on my face knowing that I'm in good hands. I fully recommend City Dental King West! (Also had a good experience previously in City Dental Bloor West).read more
Raphaël D.
Came here for a check up and cleaning!! Dr. Fatemeh was very thorough with the whole exam and let me know what was going on in my mouth and what needed to be done!! And Veronica, the hygienist was super gentle with the cleaning and very friendly to talk to! Maria and Alyssa, the front desk ladies... were also both very nice and welcoming!! Definitely recommend to any new patients looking for a dental office :)read more
Sheza T.
Went in for a checkup and cleaning. Really nice staff and doctors. The process was smooth and easy. They also looked into my insurance and helped me plan my next appointments. Would definitely recommend!
Parita P.
Dr. Hosseinkhani performed the most thorough examination with a dentist I've had upon my first check up with this clinic. I was impressed. The admin team and hygienist was also very friendly and personable. Would recommend.
Kirsten V.
Can't say enough good things about this place! Everyone from the receptionist to the dentist is extremely warm and personable. They know who you are and they genuinely care about your health. My hygienist Veronica was really knowledgeable and Dr.Fatemah was amazing, definitely the best dentist I've... ever had.read more
Jessica D
Front desk girls are amazing! Maria and Alyssa are very amicable and helpful! The hygienist was amazing too! Very good prices for the excellent service 👌👍👏
Dannesa S.
A great practise! Just changed dentists and it’s night and day in comparison. Love my previous practise but City Dental seem to be level above. Hygienist was very knowledge, did my cleaning then a mini presentation and education on teeth diseases. Netflix on the TV hanging on the ceiling was icing... on the cake too. Innovative.read more
Ashton M.
What a great experience at City Dental King West! Great atmosphere and very friendly and personable people working! Highly recommend for anyone who needs a new dentist!
Katerina S.
All of the staff are extremely friendly! I have major anxiety over going to the dentist but everyone made me feel super comfortable. Highly recommend :)
Kaitlin W.
Recently moved to Toronto and needed some fillings so found this place online. The staff are great, really friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Good communication and a comfortable dental office which isn't hard to find.Never had a dentist before who explained what was needed better than Dr.... Fatemeh. It was easy to understand and she was trustworthy and comforting during procedures. Same with the hygienists. Made everything really straight forward.Really impressed overall!read more
When you enter you will be greeted by friendly staff at the entrance. Your dentist and the assistants will be very kind and empathetic with you. During your appointment you can watch netflix on the two screens (one over head and one on the wall) they have available for their patients.Most... importantly, you'll be treated as a human being with kindness and respect. A good dentist is not always easy to find. A great overall dentist office is even more rare. I highly recommend this place for anyone considering a new dentist or a switch!read more
Simeon S.
I highly recommend this dental office. Until recently, I had not gone to the dentist in a longer time then I would like to admit. However all the staff at this office are extremely lovely and non judgemental! Everyone I have met so far has been extremely friendly and when working on your teeth,... have been really gentle. The office itself is new, modern and have televisions in the rooms as a nice distraction! They also took my school benefits and helped find ways to make the benefits work in the most favourable way to me. I find they all go the extra mile in making you comfortable and understand what is going in your dental health (in terms of what is serious and what can we keep an eye on). Honestly cannot say enough great things. Keep up the great work everyone!read more
sangeeta J.
Great clinic, the staff are both friendly and professional, their work was top notch and Jessy was amazing to work with, very flexible and handled everything for us without us having to lift a finger. The office is clean and modern, they even have TVs on the ceilings!
Julian S.
I was excited to see a new office in this neighbourhood. All of the staff had a kind, cheerful demeanour and made the experience that much more pleasant. Dr Bijlani put me at ease and suggested a treatment plan that worked best for the both of us. Happy to have found my new dentist!
Nikki B
Best Dental office !!! The location is extremely convenient and the staff are outstanding, also a very clean and modern office. I highly recommend this dental office if you want to get the optimum experience. :)
nadia I.
Amazing clinic, highly recommend! The staff are so friendly and helpful. I’ve always been afraid of dentists, and never had good experiences until I came here. I’m so happy I found this dental clinic!! 5 stars
Madeleine K.
I was already a fan of the Bay St location, but since King West is close to my place, I decided to book an appointment there and it did not disappoint. Staff was super helpful and organized. Really flexible to work with since I tend to have a busy and sporadic schedule. Highly recommend these guys... :)read more
Karl C.

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