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Dental Problems

At City Dental, we take a balanced approach when dealing with cavities and fillings. We will only perform the procedures and fillings you honestly need. In any case, regular checkups are recommended so that we can help monitor the cavity and treat it before it grows.

How Are Cavities Caused?

Cavities are caused by everyday tooth decay from bacteria and plaque on your teeth. The Bacteria and acids dissolve your enamel (top part of your tooth) causing a hole on your tooth also known as a Cavity.

How do I Know if I Have a Cavity?

Usually if you come for a checkup, we can determine if you have a cavity through inspection or digital x-rays. Also if you have a cavity you may experience a toothache and discomfort in the area.

Preferred Provider of Invisalign Toronto

Preferred Provider of Invisalign

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