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Broken Tooth

Dental Problems

If you had an accident, injury or bit something too hard that caused a broken tooth, City Dental can help. In cases where you did suffer a broken or chipped tooth, it is important to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. We can determine if it was caused by a cavity and if there is any harm to the nerve.

What Next Step Should I Take?

• Ignoring the issue may worsen the problem and can cause infection or further pain.

• If you cannot see the dentist right away, use gauze on the bleeding area and cold pack or ice to reduce swelling and pain.

• There are temporary dental cements to cover the broken tooth to prevent further damage (sold at drugstores).

• If in severe pain, taking pain reliever such as Advil can help.

At City Dental, we welcome all patients and are available for emergency dental care. We can fix most broken teeth within a single visit. Call us today and let us assess what it will take to get your smile back to perfect form and function.

Preferred Provider of Invisalign Toronto

Preferred Provider of Invisalign

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